If you are not thinking you are wasting your time, if you are not planning you are improvising.

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AJ is available to inspire your organization or group to think differently, take a long term proactive approach, and ask What Next. Weaving stories from his life with examples that have inspired and motivated him, AJ leads the audience on a hike through life with difficult climbs and steep descents. Extolling the virtues in his book, What Next A Proactive Approach to Success, AJ emphasizes curiosity, adventure, and the willingness to travel multiple paths through life.

AJ’s own curiosity has led him to pursue such ventures as real estate investing, documentary videos, financial planning, soap making, and web design to name a few paths he’s taken. This trait of curiosity is shared by many successful people. Without curiosity Ted Turner would never have started CNN.

You can be the most curious person in the world but without a sense of adventure you probably won’t pursue your dreams and goals. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was adventurous enough to step off the path he was on, an already successful path in finance, to start a company that he believed in.

Multiple Paths:
Focus is important as successful people are able to hone in on the most essential items and devote as much energy as possible in that direction. Successful people also have the ability to juggle multiple tasks, taking hundreds of ideas and picking the two or three they will concentrate on. Often described as crazy, successful people are willing buck conventional wisdom and set their own course.

To discuss how AJ can be of service to you please email aj @ askwhatnext.com (remove spaces) or call 559-WHAT NEXT (942-8639).