Inspiration without action is just a good intention.

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What makes one person more successful than the next? Why do some people never seem satisfied with the way things are?

A simple question asked in frustration led me to write this book. My wife, Julie, was tired of my plans, what she calls schemes and asked me why I can't just be happy - why there always has to be a What Next. What I realized is that asking what next is the common trait among successful people.

People who ask what next are very happy but they are never satisfied and that is a huge distinction. Who are these people who never stop asking what next? I think of people like Ted Turner whose constant search for what next led him to revolutionize news. When I think of what next I think of Jeff Bezos who left a good job to risk everything on and it paid off.

All these people asked a simple question "What Next" and answered it with passion and enthusiasm. What is your answer?